If only we would listen

Psalm 81 <– click

“Oh that My people would listen to Me, That Israel would walk in My ways!” Psalm 81:13

I read Psalm 81 today. This is an amazing text.

God says to Israel, “Let there be no strange god among you! Listen to me! I saved you and brought you out of Egypt!” But the people didn’t listen to Him. So He lets them walk in their own stubbornness of their hearts. God says ” Oh that my people would listen to Me! And walk in My ways! I would help them and feed them and satisfy them” (this is all paraphrased of course)
The behavior of the Israelites I see in myself. God keeps calling out to me, “Oh that you would listen to Me! And you will be satisfied!” I am continually wandering and looking for  other things to satisfy me. Whether it’s the silliest things or big things. Movies, relationships, clothes, food, tv, computer, phone, facebook, pinterest. (you may laugh, I do too, but it’s true and I’m serious.) I chase after these things and forget they will not satisfy me. I forget that He saved me, out of His great love that I did not deserve. As Pastor James Macdonald says, it’s okay to have these things, but not okay if these things have me.
I love the last verse in the chapter,

“But he would feed you with the finest of the wheat, 
and with honey from the rock I would satisfy you.” (Ps. 81:16)

If I would just seek Him, I would be satisfied.
But then I ask,  how to I seek Him? And the answer is always, read the bible and pray. Which yeah that is the way to seek Him. But sometimes I feel like I need to go deeper. Not just read the bible, but study and meditate and memorize it. Meditate on His goodness to me. That is my prayer. That I will truly seek Him. For He alone will satisfy.
O that I would listen! Oh Lord, forgive me and help me listen.


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